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 # 4- Judicial Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Package 1/2 Off


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# 5- Non- Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Package 1/2 Off


# 6- Legal Package To Challenge Jurisdiction Of Eviction Court’s Forcible Entry And Detainer Eviction Process 1/2 off  


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I'm Not An Attorney

I'm not an attorney and I do not use the same strategies attorney's use in court. The conventional foreclosure defense strategy only offers 3 options, loan modification, short sale or bankruptcy. These strategies were designed by the attorneys and none of them will result in you being able to stay in your home in the end!

What type of support do I get?

 We offer phone support and coaching. If you have any questions about preparing the document give me a call, or send me an email to, and we will help you understand the document and how to get it filed in the proper place.

How Does This Work

It's simple: Once you pay for your document it will be sent to your email address used at checkout. You will need to personalize the document by replace the red font with the court heading, your personal information. Then you will need to turn the red font to black to match the rest of the document.