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Disclaimer: You are purchasing the lawsuit package you need to get your title dispute on the court record in Federal Court. You will need the title dispute to block the foreclosure eviction and give you an opportunity to fight for your property in Court. I will review any questions you have pertaining to the contents of the lawsuit documents or the strategy for using the documents. Once you get your document personalized and filed it will be your responsibility to manage your lawsuit. We suggest, if this is your first time filing in court you may consider hiring a paralegal, or a civil attorney to help you on a contingency. It will be your responsibility to reply to the defendant’s response. I’m providing you with the tools and coaching to get you in court, you will have to figure out how to manage the court process because we are not attorneys. That said I will help where I can, within my area of expertise. 

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Lawsuit Packages:

# 1 - Eliminate Property Tax Lawsuit Package



1. This eliminate property tax lawsuit package will address the defendants unfair and deceptive business practices that are in violation of the Constitution, Federal, and State Laws. There is no law requiring property to be filed in the county recorder’s office. There are only two kinds of taxes - direct and indirect. Direct taxes are prohibited by the Constitution - not once but twice. Direct taxes are taxes on that which you already own, and there may be no direct taxes under any circumstances short of a state of war, and then only if the taxes are equally apportioned among the Union states. The law (Constitution) says," We the People" grant to government, permission to exist to regulate commerce with the State government corporation, providing within these restrictive terms, "nor shall private property be taken for public use (zoning, building permit, license, taxes, etc.) without just compensation." (Bill of Rights, Amendment Article V) "No person shall... nor shall any person... nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. 

# 2- Third Party Debt Collector Lawsuit (FDCPA) Sale Priced!


This package deal contains:

1. When the debt collectors violate the laws, their collections become unlawful and they can be held liable in civil court. The problem is attorneys do not address these unlawful violations committed by other attorneys. The only remedy is filing your lawsuit in Federal Court and holding the third party collectors liable. When you show one unlawful violation against the attorneys or law firm the “Clean Hands” doctrine will prevent the attorneys from winning in court. Now you have an affordable option, and you can drag the attorney debt collectors into Federal Court with your lawsuit, and hold them liable for 8 pages of unlawful misconduct.  

# 3- Lawsuit For Legal Malpractice And Breach of Contract


Did your attorney take your money and throw you under the bus? Now you can file your legal malpractice lawsuit to get your attorney fees back. In our current legal system the bar to prove damages in a legal malpractice action is set very high. It's almost impossible to prove damages, so we are suing for breach of contract and to be reimbursed the attorney fees you paid for crappy service. So if you are ready to sue your ex-attorney to get your legal fees back make your investment in this lawsuit package, and let’s get started!

This legal malpractice lawsuit is an 850.00 value, you will receive for only 250.00 down and the remaining balance due when the attorney's settle and pay you. 

# 4- Judicial Foreclosure Lawsuit Package  


This Package Is Half Price!

The Take control of your Judicial Foreclosure Today: Now you can file your lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure, take control of the foreclosure. Once your lawsuit is filed in Federal Court, the entire unlawful process in State Court will come to stop. Now the attorney will have to answer to your lawsuit. Now you can protect your family and ease your spouse’s fears! I have the lawsuit ready for you to personalize and get filed. It takes most people about an hour or so following the instruction on the last page to get the lawsuit filled out and ready to file. This will be the best investment you could ever make in your future. This package will provide you the lawsuit and the restraining order/ injunction you need to get the process stopped until your lawsuit is heard in Federal Court This package is on sale today for half price, only 850.00 Take Action Today, Get Document # 4-  

# 5- Non- Judicial- Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Package


This Package Is Half Price!

 5.5 Million Dollar Wrongful Foreclosure Lawsuit Package: 1. When you use our wrongful foreclosure lawsuit, I' will provide you with the documentation you need to prove to the court the foreclosure should not take place because of the following Federal Law Violations Listed in the lawsuit, for example, The foreclosing lender: 1. Executed the power of sale clause without legal authority: 2. Lacked standing to foreclose: 3. Cannot produce the original contract to prove there was a loan: 4. Violated Federal R.I.C.O. Statutes. 5. Violated Federal Forgery Statutes, and More! 7. We are not attorneys.

This lawsuit package will help you get your title dispute on the court record and put you in position to defend you property in the correct court.  

# 6 Legal Package To Challenge Jurisdiction Of Eviction Court’s Forcible Entry And Detainer Eviction Process 850.00

Eviction Court can only determine issues pertaining to immediate possession. Homeowners don’t know this so they go into Eviction Court with evidence to prove there is a title dispute, and the court turns a blind eye and moves forward with the eviction process because we failed to make the proper argument. 

Attorneys purposely file the forcible entry and detainer eviction part of the foreclosure in a lower court that cannot settle a title dispute.

This package contains what you need to prove there is a title dispute, and comes with the document to challenge the Eviction Court’s Jurisdiction and the document you need to remove the eviction case from Eviction Court to Federal Court to be connected with your wrongful foreclosure Lawsuit (the title dispute). Once the removal document is filed in Federal Court the Eviction Court will automatically lose jurisdiction and not be able to continue to make determinations in the case. Once the eviction case is in Federal Court we will move Federal Court to moot the immediate Possession issue until the property dispute is settled.  

Now you have an option!  



I’ googled how to stop a non- judicial foreclosure and this came up first on Nolo: Filing a Lawsuit to Challenge a Non-judicial Foreclosure: Because non-judicial foreclosures proceed outside of court, you’ll have to file a lawsuit to get a judge’s attention. To get your day in court to challenge a non-judicial foreclosure, you must file a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit against the foreclosing party. In the wrongful foreclosure lawsuit, you ask the court to enjoin (stop) the foreclosure proceedings until a judge can hear your reasons as to why the foreclosure shouldn’t proceed. In this kind of lawsuit, you typically ask the court for three things, in this order: • a temporary restraining order • a preliminary injunction, and • a permanent injunction. The information above came from a website “Nolo” a website used to connect people with attorneys.

Questions and Answers Section

How does this work? It's simple: Once you pay for your document you will be prompted to download the document in a word format. You will need to personalize the document by replacing the red font with the court heading, your personal information and some facts of your situation. If you have any questions about preparing the document give me a call, or send me an email to  

Are You An Attorney? NO, I'm not an attorney and I do not use the same strategies attorney's use in court. I believe the attorney is the real plaintiff in the foreclosure against your property. I believe the bank is waiting in the shadows for the property to be sold for a loss at the auction so the bank can cash in on the mortgage insurance they took out at signing. This is why we list the attorney as the number one defendant and their law firm as the second defendant. This creates a procedural problem for the attorneys because they cannot litigate a case they are a party to, and the attorney cannot represent them self’s in court.  

What kind of results can I expect? You should expect to stop or stall your foreclosure months, 90% of wrongful foreclosure lawsuits never make it to trial. We will help you get the evidence on the record you need to prove fraud and get yourself in position to take control of the foreclosure.  

Are there any hidden fees? No hidden fees you pay for the document and after checkout the document is sent to your email address, and that it.  


What if I have questions about how to fill out the document? If you have any questions about how to fill out the document you purchased give me a call or send me an email and I will walk you through the process and make sure you understand everything you will need to know. Guy Neighbors: 913-240-0227


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